Perfect Snowball Maker

Perfect Snowball Maker

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  • Our Snowball Maker makes perfect snowballs easily and quickly
  • It is made of a very durable plastic, High Impact Poly Styrene (HIPS), so it is built to last.
  • Every snowball is soft and round... great for throwing.
  • Say goodbye to cold, wet hands.
  • This is recommended for ages 4 and up.

When it comes to snowball fights, the crucial factor is quite often who throws the most - not who throws the best. With Snowball Maker and nimble fingers you can squeeze up to 60 snowballs a minute. And with artillery like the snowball maker, you need hardly worry about aiming. However small and lightning fast your opponents are, they will always be hit in such a bombardment!

Another good thing about the snowball maker is that all the snowballs are not only nice and round, but also a little soft on the inside, which reduces the risk of hurting the person you hit. But they do have to be snowy though!

The Snowball Maker is a classic that has been manufactured for ages and has sold over 1 million units. Snowball Maker measures approx. 36 x 10 cm and is of course made of durable plastic to withstand the toughest conditions in a real snowball fight.

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