What are your products made of? 

All our products are made with high quality materials. For more details, check out the descriptions of each specific product.

How long does shipping take?

Because of high demand, it usually takes between 2-4 weeks for our products to ship. If you are concerned that shipping is taking too long and you haven't received your product after this time, email us at blingboyshelp@gmail.com. If you wish to track your order, navigate to the left-sided menu.

Can I order more than one product?

Of course... You can certainly order more than one product and if you credit at least $30 from our store you may qualify for free shipping!

What is your return policy?

We accept returned items for up to 30 days after your original purchase and guarantee a full refund. If you pass the 30 days, unfortunately we can't return your product(s).

What If I am an international customer and unsure of how much I will be charged for a purchase?

BlingBoys is proud to service customers from around the world. Since we are a US based company, we price all our products in USD. The conversion rate would depend on your issuing credit card company being used for the transaction.